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What are we up against?
Have you ever wondered… “Why is my house, deck or fence looking so bad?” or “What is causing it to crack, warp or even fall apart?” The answer is relatively simple…No matter where we live or what we do to avoid it, virtually all exterior surfaces will succumb to the unsightly and degenerative affects of mildew growth. There are many stages of mildew. In its simplest form you will see basic black spores growing on the substrate (surface), and at its worst you will notice a green fungus (algae) that will often times soften the surface beyond repair. Mildew is a direct result of a surface remaining wet for an extended period of time. Moisture feeds the growth of mildew, so the wetter the surface the faster the growth. Conditions such as sun, rain, snow and even shade contribute this problem.

Is there any hope?
Absolutely, and by taking a...