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Phone: ​(636) 227-9663; Email: cts.contactus@gmail.com


Does someone need to be home when CTS comes by for an inspection?

Most of time there is no need, just let us know if there is a dog to beware of in the yard or a locked gate to prevent us from accessing what we need to inspect. 

How long does it take to get an Estimate?

The requests we receive during the week we typically inspect the next week, then we need to properly work up your Estimate or Proposal and send it to you. 


Can I make an appointment for an Estimate?

We typically don't need to make an appointment, we just need to know if there is any reason we could not have access to inspect what you request an Estimate for.

For large projects, such as siding restoration and major deck work, we can make an appointment with you, however, we often find that we can do our inspection and get a proposal to you without needing to meet. If an appointment would be the best thing then we can discuss a time that will work for both of us.

Does it cost to get an Estimate?

There is no cost to you. We invest our time, expense, and expertise to provide you with the information you need with the hope that, through your process of evaluating and choosing a contractor, you might choose us as your contractor for many years to come.

Does CTS have Insurance?

Absolutely, all the Liability and Workers Compensation that we need for your protection and ours.

If we want to accept the Proposal and get on your schedule what do we do?

First of all we would want to let you know that we appreciate your choosing us to work for you!

You can submit your Proposal one of two ways:

1) By Mail: mail in a copy of the signed and dated Proposal along with a deposit (if any) check to our office, OR

2) Electronically: print, sign and date, scan and Email the proposal to our office, and call to put the deposit on a credit card.

How long of a wait to get my work done?

It will vary depending on the work we will be doing for you, how busy our schedule is, and how rainy it's been, so just give us a call and we can let you know our best estimate.

What are your payment terms? 

The small deposit listed on the proposal (if any) is required with acceptance of the Proposal. This initial deposit is applied/credited directly to the total of your contract and is non-refundable.

We will send you an Invoice upon completion. Final payment is due upon completion and no later than 10 days from the date of the Invoice to avoid a late fee.